This zine was laid out into into three sections: 35mm, polaroid, and view camera. Within these sections I found articles (written within the last 5 years) that talked about how these mediums of photography are still utilized by professional photographers and gave reasons why. People believe that film isn't relevant in the digital age of photography but what I have realized is that when I use film to produce an image, the responses I get are “how did you edit that to make it look like film?” The answer to that is, I used film. They never understand why I would do that when digital photography is much cheaper (in the long run) and less time consuming. So to all of those people who ask me why I use an “out dated medium” this zine is for them. 
The second phase of this project was to create promotional materials for the zine. I made three different posters utilizing the three form of film photography that is highlighted in the zine (35mm, polaroid, and view camera). I then made a short video advertisement for the zine using found videos of creators who use film in their artistic practice. 
Advertisement created with found videos by film camera users and creators. 
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