For this assignment we had to draw two words out of a hat. These words would be the name of our coffee shop that we had to design a logo for and three items that would be sold at the shop. Luckily, I picked out the words "Morning" and "Midnight" and that's how Morning & Midnight Coffee was born. I decided that the three items would be different types of ground coffee. One coffee would be a caffeinated version called Wake Up, Sunshine! The next would be a decaffeinated version called Goodnight, Moon. The third would be for students, like me, who needed an extra caffeinated coffee to get you through those all nighters, thats how From Dusk Until Dawn an all nighter solution was created. The branding design came from another set of adjectives pulled from a hat to fill in the blanks "The design will be ________ & ________ but not ________" This served as what style the client was asking for. The branding mission became: the design will be ethereal and alternative but not relaxing.
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