A Mystic is described as someone who leads people to spiritual revelations. For this project, I focused on myself and my ethics as a designer. What are my intentions, what is my relationship with graphic design, what passions influence my practice. After asking myself these questions I found that I am truly inspired by the media I consume and I create work that encompasses different mediums. For this project I created a video that includes clips from all of the media that immediately influenced me during my creation process. I then did a performance art piece in front of the projection since one of my other passions and guiding forces in my life is dance.
I had posters of my face and my branding identity, Moniicat, with the words “Inspiration, Intuition, Intention” on them to show that this is me, and this is what I, as a designer, stand for. This video is a recording of the 3 minute live performance I did for my audience. 
Myth was a continuation of our Mystic project. Myths challenge our perception and are sometimes hard to believe. I had to use my guiding philosophy from Mystic and create a project that is a myth of that certain belief. I personally struggle with my branding identity since sometimes I feel like I may be a fraud. This project was an up close and personal look at how I act when I am in my own safe space and are alone with my thoughts. I focus on how sometimes I don't feel like I am being my authentic self so the words “Fake, Facade, Fictitious” replace the words on the other poster as well as my face being obscured by a oval shaped blur. 
This video was shown on a large screen in front of my audience and is a very intense look at someone who is struggling with their identity as an artist/person.
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