Sorry Mom Magazine was an 8-week design challenge to create our dream project. The idea for this magazine stemmed from my love of tattoos and the lack of publications catering to the art of tattoos.  Every tattoo magazine I found showcased women's bodies (who happened to be tattooed) rather than the designs and artists who create them. My goal was to create a tattoo magazine to showcase the artistry of tattooing and the artists behind them rather than the bodies of tattooed women.
I started this project by reaching out to a friend of mine who is a tattoo artist (the main feature and the individual on the cover of the magazine). He agreed to be photographed, interviewed and even let me come shadow him for a day to see a day in the life of a tattoo artist. The shop owner where he worked also allowed for me to interview him so I could get the perspective of a tattoo shop owner. I then found people who had just gotten their first tattoo, traveled to get a tattoo, and other unique stories in order to show the lengths some individuals take to get the perfect piece permanently placed on their skin. 
All images and interviews were done by myself and the design of the magazine was in collaboration with Melvin Melendez
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