For my senior thesis project, we had the opportunity to solve a design problem from our own research. I have been a huge fan of drag queen culture for a long time. Some key observations I made were that people outside of the drag scene don't know much if anything about it, besides the fact that most of them are men who dress and perform as women. My research also showed me that trends in drag makeup have become mainstream due to pop culture icons (i.e. the Kardashians) taking drag queen techniques and bringing it to the public eye. There isn't much exposure in the mainstream for Drag Queens (it is becoming increasingly popular but hasn't really gotten to a specific level). My research showed me that Drag Queens have been an influential part of the makeup industry without any representation of their own. 
This lead me to my design question: How can design bring the Drag subculture into the mainstream while showcasing the boldness, talent, uniqueness and beauty of the queens? 
The solution: Create a makeup brand by Drag Queens, for every Queen. This brand will cater to the idea that drag queens are bold, talented, unique and beautiful while giving every person the opportunity and tools to feel the same way.

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